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parents about her boyfriend to make him sound better. >> he's drug-free. >> yeah! steve: he's drug-free. that was a good answer. once again beverly, only one answer left; you could clear the board. >> he has no kids. steve: he has no kids. audience: oh! steve: still one answer left. if you get it, you could clear the board, but this time, lucinda, you got two strikes. got to be careful. pitts family can steal. >> he's never been to jail. steve: he has never been to jail. ["family feud" theme plays] steve: let's move on to question two. give me beverly. give me haley. ["family feud" theme plays] steve: hey, ladies, here we go. we've got the top six answers on the board. name an excuse men give for not being in the mood. beverly. >> headache. steve: headache. "i got a headache." >> tired, tired. steve: tired. "i'm tired." >> we're going to play, steve. steve: they're going to play. steve: haley, what do you do? >> i'm an elementary school teacher in alpharetta, georgia. steve: ok, that's good. what grade? >> well, i've taught four out of the six already. steve: what's your favorite g
ha ha ha! steve: ooh, naked. you know what i'm talking about. real! yeah! just gonna get naked! [theme music playing] [cheering and applause] let's go. question two. give me beverly. give me mike. let's go. [theme music playing] here we go, guys. we've got the top 6 answers on the board. we asked 100 women-- if you really want to know what a man is like, all you need to do is look at his what? beverly. >> his father. steve: his father. mike. >> his mother. steve: his mother. pass or play? >> we'll play! steve: they're gonna play, mike. [applause] lucinda, we talked to 100 women. if you really want to know what a man is like, all you need to do is look at his... >> his house. steve: his house. [applause] hey, deborah, talked to 100 women. if you really want to know what a man is like, all you need to do is look at his what? >> how about his car? steve: his car. [cheering and applause] big ronnie, we talked to 100 women. if you really want to know what a man is like, all you need to do is look at his what? >> how he grooms himself. >> yeah. good answer. steve: how he grooms himse
[buzzer] audience: aww... [cheering and applause] steve: all right, mcnulty family, here's your chance. fill in the blank. girls don't like it when their fathers ask their boyfriends if they have a what? >> steve, we're gonna go with an alcohol or drug problem. steve: do they have an alcohol or drug problem? [buzzer] [cheering and applause] 7. audience: cell phone/number. steve: 6. audience: curfew/watch. steve: yeah. come on, these are fathers. come on now. 5. audience: condom. steve: that's the first one right there. i don't know how that just got 3 on it right there. number 4. audience: good intention. steve: 3. audience: 5 year plan. steve: there you go. hey, let's go to question 2. give me christine. give me heather. [cheering and applause] here we go. this is a good one. top 6 answers on the board, ladies. we talked to 100 women. what would you do if your best friend's husband came on to you? >> go tell my best friend. steve: you'd tell her? >> yes, absolutely! absolutely. steve: why? >> it's the right thing to do. steve: she'd tell her. it's the right thing to do. she'd t
>> yeah. steve: what do you do, tommy? >> i am a radio disc jockey at 99x here in atlanta. steve: i love you, man. >> and i'm also-- steve: see, you got that radio voice. >> i try. steve: see, i got a big show. i ain't got the radio voice. >> you don't need it, steve. it's overrated. steve: cut these jokes on and let 'em rip. so, what else you do? >> i'm also the pregame emcee for the atlanta braves down at turner field and-- steve: wow. that's good. good luck with all of it. >> thank you. steve: hey, tommy, name something you might have to jiggle to get it working. >> steve, whenever you want a nice salty snack or a candy bar, how about jiggling the vending machine a little bit? i know you're not suppo-- steve: jiggling the vending machine. all right, brown family, here you go. name something you might have to jiggle to get it working. >> we're gonna say a man's private parts. >> yay. >> good answer, serena. steve: i promise you, when i walked over here, that never crossed my mind. there's no way i figured that-- i just--i'm thinking of everything. keys, toilet handles, a flashligh
we talked about that! steve: ok, lis--listen to me! this all i want y'all do when i come to you and i say, "hit it!" you're going to say: "i've been married 33 years." notice how did--he--notice how he didn't look at his wife to check on. and then ron, when i hit you i want...ron! hit it! >> i've been married 23 years. [laughter and applause] steve: good job, man! hey, allison! here we go, darling. when someone uses the word "bust" in a conversation, what are they talking about? >> they're talking about their bust line, a woman's bust line. >> good answer! good answer! steve: a woman's bust line! [bell] [applause and cheering] [laughing] steve: i'm--i'm sorry. [laughing] shea, you're the salesman, right? >> yes, sir. steve: all right, let's go. when someone uses the word "bust" in a conversation, what are they talking about? >> they're talking about, um-- a team that lost. >> good answer! steve: a team that lost! [bell] [cheering and applause] cathy, the um--pre-op nurse, very helpful lady, when someone uses the word "bust" in a conversation, what are they talking about? >> um--
in less than 2- hundred words. steve paul.... who was recently diagnosed with lou gehrig's disease... won the contest. he described his perfect funeral as a close-knit affair with relatives and friends... laughing and telling stories about the past. 1:20 s. paul says: "hopefully i won't have to use this gift for a number of years. but i know, whenever it happens, it will be too soon for me." the team says this contest with a ten thousand dollar prize is meant to help celebrate life... not glamorize death. that's all for fox45 news at 5:30. "family feud" is next. and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... we'll see you later. we'll see you later. ♪ i woke up to a lightbulb ♪ every little thing is possible ♪ [ female announcer ] here's a fresh take on what to do with that chicken kraft fresh take kraft natural cheese on one side expertly blended spices and breadcrumbs on the other transforms your chicken in just 30 minutes ♪ love is a bright idea ♪ life is amazing ♪ with the love that i've found ♪ [ female announcer ] fresh take from kraft
fatone. it's time to play "family feud". give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you doing? thank you very much. thank you for coming. how's everybody doing? hey, welcome to "family feud", everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from atlanta, georgia, it's the mcnulty family. [cheering and applause] and from lewisburg, georgia-- wherever that is-- it's the mayfield family. [cheering and applause] let's go see. give me tommy. give me amber. let's go. [applause] steve: guys, here we go. we've got the top 7 answers on the board. fill in the blank. girls don't like it when their fathers ask their boyfriends if they have a what? tommy. >> tattoo. steve: tattoo. >> whoo! [buzzer] steve: amber. >> what about a job? steve: a job. pass or play? >> we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. >> all right! steve: hi, heather. >> hello. steve: what do you do, darling? >> i'm a homemaker, and i have two children, and i make my own bread and raise chickens.
ssysshe plans to pight ii. aftee months oo hype, the &pbiopiccabbot appleeco-founder steve jobsshits thhaters todaa. candaceedold has a sneak ppek lowddww 33((((kg))) this issthe visionary leader. movie "jobs"... tarring hhe - ashtoo you chhckk movies this week, yyu''l fiid one option aaouu the man ho -- stevv jobs.ashhoo kutcher &pstars as "jobs" in thh new tto say the presssreeof -3&play &psayy: "this image comes intoo people's mind... samm for they're very much still in the zeitteist and verr much ttll pays: "you kknd of ave to do all the worr ttat you know peepll willldo ineeitabby after they go home nd see thii mvie like go on youtubee watch all this footage oo thii pann listen to as many interviews as you can, read as &ptooo soddriig courses and coursesstten you hhvv to lee 1971-1991, ven showing llghts - apple's firsttheadduurters in jobs' famiiy garage..kutchee says f all he learned, from his ownnccmmany and how he got irrddwhhch i find tt of this fillm"hh can cittemany wwyy jobs' reations hhve chhnged his life.kutcher says: &p"the moment steveejobs pa
for steve harvey! steve: welcome to the show, folks. thank you all for coming. yeah, let's go! thank you all very much. thank you very much, everybody. i appreciate you coming. hey, welcome to family feud! i'm your man, steve harvey. boy, we got a good one for you today. guess what? returning, for their fourth day, with the total now? 21,415 bucks. from maywood, illinois, it's the grace family! [cheering] and...from louisville, kentucky, home of the derby, it's the summers family! [cheering] everybody is here, trying to win themselves a lot of cash and a shot at driving away in a brand-new car. [applause] let's go! give me victoria, give me joey. come on! [applause and cheering] hey, guys, here we go. top seven answers on the board. when someone uses the word "bust" in a conversation, what are they talking about? [buzzer] joey? >> money! steve: money! [applause] [bell] [applause and cheering] victoria... [buzzer] steve: pass or play. >> what we want to do? we're going to play, steve. steve: they're going to play. let's go. [applause] allison, may i ask you a question? so, what do you do at t
for all the -- [ laughter ] weiner was at a forum -- >> steve: yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: for all the candidates for mayor. >> steve: okay. >> jimmy: and he actually got booed by the crowd. [ audience oohs ] which got even worse when weiner was, like, "boobs, where?" [ laughter ] >> steve: weiner. >> jimmy: and now, i'm sure you all know. you all heard this. anthony weiner was sexting with a woman using the code name carlos danger. ♪ [ light laughter ] carlos danger. ♪ [ light laughter ] well, in honor of that name, spirit airlines is offering a discount on flights to mexico. [ laughter and applause ] that's pretty good. >> steve: come on. come on! >> jimmy: i like that, yeah. unfortunately, though, the pilots just spend most of the flight taking pictures of their cockpit. [ laughter ] i don't know how i feel about this now that i am a dad, but -- [ cheers and applause ] ♪ but taco bell just announced that it will discontinue its line of kids' meals because of low sales. yeah. you know your food's bad when even little kids are, like, "i'm not putting that in my mouth." [ lau
of here. >> i'm wearing jack rogers in the igloo. looks like fun. >> steve is back with us. >> thank you very much. by the way, this is the first time in nine days i have worn socks. >> really? fantastic. >> that's the sign of a true, good vacation. >> don't smell steve's shoes or sandals. dr. scholl's is crying out for some use. >>> brand new video from south africa where a judge formally charged oscar pistorius with the murder of his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. reeva steenkamp would have been 30 years old today. the olympian who was at one point crying will now go on trial in march. the 26-year-old claimed he shot reeva steenkamp on valentine's day after mistaking her for an intruder. if convicted he faces a life sentence with a minimum of 25 years in prison. south africa does not have trial by jury. >>> new details in the aaron hernandez murder case. hernandez may have murdered semi profootball player odin lloyd because he knew of two other murders hernandez committed. a grand jury is investigating whether hernandez was involved in the murder of two immigrants in 2010. >>> happe
, because f"fox & friends," according to steve's alarm clock, starts right now. >> beep beep beep. >> that goes to show how little you know of me. alarm clock? i've got four. >> you do have four? >> usually only one has to go off. >> yesterday, something happened, the use was off in our neighborhood, when i woke up to my phone ringing, all the alarm clocks were blinking at midnight. had it not been for my trusty phone, this dinosaur -- >> you would have been an al roker? >> which part? he's been in the news quite a lot lately. >> i'd go for the oversleeping part. >> you worked over the weekend through this. now, you're going on the road again. first, you have three hours of news to get through. >> that's right. we start with our headlines. two minutes after the hour now. brand new details of a school shooting. they are all safe after a gunman opened fire tuesday. the 800 students at the mcnair academy running for their lives. this is a look at the suspect. a 20-year-old that reportedly slipped through security. now, we hear from the heroic school clerk who talked the shooter down.
but that's something that hernandez is denying. steve? >> there's an item in one of the tabloids here in new york city today that says if the colonel was still alive, there would be a court-martial regarding that. >>> meanwhile, four minutes after the top of the hour. the girlfriend of the 22-year-old man killed in a thrill of it kind of killing is speaking out as this sparks a national debate. where are the civil rights leaders on this? and the president this time around? >> elizabeth is live in washington. >> reporter: good morning. a makeshift memorial where 22-year-old christopher lane was gunned down in broad daylight last wean. we are hearing from his girlfriend for first time. >> he's such an amazing person and i'm going to miss him forever. but i'm really glad i got the four years with him. >> reporter: the australian student was on a baseball scholarship in oklahoma when police say three self-described bored teenagers decided that they wanted to kill him. it's been making headlines across the globe and on the heels of the acquittal of george zimmerman still fresh in folks' mi
orleans! announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you folks doing today? thank y'all for coming. thank you very much. thank you, everybody. appreciate you coming. thank you very much. hey! welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and boy, we've got a good one for you today. returning for their fifth and final day, with a total of 21,960 bucks, straight out of maywood, illinois, it's the grace family. [cheering and applause] and from st. charles, illinois-- that's on the monopoly board-- it's the pollastrini family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash. and remember, if the grace family wins today, they drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's play the "feud"! give me victoria. give me geriann. [theme music playing] ladies, here we go. top 5 answers are on the board. name something a woman does to get her husband's sex drive out of park. victoria. >> kisses him. steve: kisses. [applause] >> cooks him a nice din
to their bosses. what about gossips at work. what bugs you at work. what makes you rage? >> how about you, steve? >> something that both irs me. here we are in the confessional, don't tell anybody. it bothers me when i see somebody on their computer that looks like they're working but they are playing solitaire. >> where is the reward in solitaire, by the way. >> they're playing -- >> i beat the machine. >> looks like the -- like tetrus with the fruit. >> do you have a rage? >> for me it's technology, too. i try not to curse, but that's one thing that gives me a potty mouth, if the printer crashes. i remember when i was just starting in this business, everything was broken all the time because our tv station was local in a small market and nothing works. >> i want to throw stuff and -- >> yeah, they were -- >> yeah, it's true. anyway, it makes me want to cry my eyeballs out. >> one thing, i get a stapler, and there's no staplers. i don't know why people as americans don't feel compelled to a stapler. i don't, because i'm too busy. i don't want to do it. remember it drove tiki barber crazy that b
of the late steve jobs and a man who is defending the america's cup. i met with him last week at his home in woodside, california. >> america's cup wasn't racing the fast pest boats and we decided that the americas cup to capture the imagination of the modern world and children who can watch all of these other sports and participate, we had to modernize it, we had to make it exciting and extreme. >> rose: is there a cost of that have? >> i don't -- well, i think some people whoist withfully look back to the blue blazers and the brass buttons and the cute little ties with, you know, they'll miss the traditions of the america's cup which goes back to 1851. it's the oldest trowny sports. >> rose: larry ellison for the hour, next. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: larry ellison is the founder and c.e.o. of oracle, the third-richest man of the united states said to be worth $43 billion. he's also the sponsor and manager of oracle team u.s.a., the american sailing name the 2013 america's cup competition. next month in s
noel thank you very much. forget ashton kutcher playing steve jobs, but playing a convincing former apple ceo. in the news, today. >> if you keep heading down this path, i will not protect you. >> it's a ripoff. >> i'm going to su you for every cent. >> you are your own worst enemy. >> the board is unanimous. steve will no longer be involved in this company. ♪ neil: huh, what is the real john skully think about the way he was portrayed? we'd ask him because he's here. ♪ neil: well, what a week for apple; right? the stock go buyer billionaire invest eres like acahn and soros adding to the fuel, and now hollywood with jobs, the movie, is out, and ashton kutcher, the is the iconic founder, steve jobs himself, and guess who plays the other apple ceo who preceded steve? matthew, who makes a snappy and dapper jon. good to have you with us, john. i 4 not seen the film yet so i go on the clips i see where you look like a visionary brought in to spruce up the marketing and help the company get on its feet, and then as a guy out to destroy its founder. which are you? >> well, i think the
to get out to the parts yard [ horn blaring ] to grab some steel beams. semi steve needs to be loaded up for a run. [ bell dings ] ooh, sure is busy around here today. i'll do it, dad. i'll go get those beams and bring them back here to the diner. i don't know, chuck. rowdy and i saw those beams out in the parts yard. they look really heavy. and you know semi steve, chuck. he's very serious about his schedule. i can do it. i promise. like my older brother rally. both: the world-famous monster racing truck. yeah. like he always says, "over, around, and through." trucks go and see and do! can we help carry the load, chuck? no, i'm going to do this by myself. chuck, this is very important. are you sure you can have those beams back here on time? i can do it. i'll be right back with a heavy load. [ tires screech ] gee, chuck. are you sure you can do this alone? of course i am. [ beeping ] just let me do some warm-up exercises. one, two. one, two. one, two [ beeping ] [ groaning ] chuck, it's too heavy. you better stop. no! i can do it! [ thwack! ] whoa! oh! oh! thanks, boomer.
the featured film release about steve jobs. here's a scene from the movie. >> it's a social status. it's more than that it's social currency. we need to raise the bar. we risk everything. >> joining me to discuss of all things about steve jobs via skype from california. he was the writer and presented from the documentary steve jobs. also joining us here in the studio. thank you both for being here. apple sold over 600 million ios device and 575 million i tune accounts and half of u.s. households have release an apple prooh duct. coca-cola, proctor an proctor ae but we care more about steve ceos. >> i think because he embodies his company. his products. he's long gone now and the idea that apple products could be simple and easy to use and could sort of relate to the user in a way that previous products didn't. we look at ipod compared to -- it was that much better. >> you knew steve jobs. do you think the movie was soulless? >> the problem with the movie. the movie is very pretty. ashton kutcher does a job of looking like steve jobs. but he does a good of imitating without us coming away wit
. >> what about you, jack? >> no, i don't think so, maria. i agree with steve liesman saying earlier. the numbers don't justify it. the feds are coming out and saying the numbers don't justify it. we're data dependent. unless we see great numbers over the next month or so, i don't see it happening in the the end of the year or q1 of '14. >> yeah, i sort of agree with you on that, because the numbers are not there. we know the metrics the fed is looking at. all right, guys, thank you very much. we appreciate your insights on a tough week on wall street. we'll see you soon. jack, ralph, thank you. >>> a tough week on wall street. let's get to dominic for the big shakers this week. >> reporter: let's kick it off with apple. it got a big boost as carl icahn took a stake and took to twitter to tell the world about it. icahn tweeted on tuesday he was an apple shareholder and bought $1 billion worth of stock. he's pushing apple to put some of its vast fortunes of cash to work by buying back its own shares and icahn's tweet added $30 billion to apple's market value. let's stick with tech, be
give me the money back. >> neil: quickly, adam, as apple author. have you seen the movie on steve jobs? >> i did. i thought it was terrible. >> neil: there you go. adam is going to movie review reviews. david asman, "forbes on fox" next. >> david: remember these scary headlines -- "mandatory budget cuts are risky for the u.s. economy." a threat to jobs. on and on. maybe not. all the warnings that we heard about widespread furloughs, not really materializing. get this, the federal deficit is actually slinking. so is this proof it's time for even more cuts? maybe more sequesters? hi, everybody. i'm david asman. welcome to "forbes on fox." let's go in focus with the man himself, steve forbes, john candy, elizabeth mcdonald. e-mac, more cuts? >> biggest squawkers found way to stop the furlough. transportation, justice, education, pentagon. what they did is cut. even the government biggest union found ways to cut the fat. when the pentagon is doing war exercises because they warn the debt is so big and a threat to national security, if a president added $5 from on his watch and the bon
considers under valued. oracle said he don't believe apple can retain the glory without steve jobs. here is our guest. welcome to you both. max, i want to begin with you but before we do, why don't we run that sound byte from the interview the other day with mr. ellisson. listen in. >> do you see apple with steve jobs, we saw apple without steve jobs. we saw apple with steve jobs. now we're going to see apple without steve jobs. >> so you're shorting apple? >> i'm not shorting apple. i like tim cook. there are a lot of talented people over there but steve -- >> you are apple is going down without steve jobs. that's what you said. i'll say it publicly. >> he's irreplaceable. they won't be nearly so successful because he is gone. >> they are going down without steve jobs. max, what do you think of that? >> thanks for having me. there is ellisson speak and not totally shocking he has a larger than life big ego a founder at oracle and he's warmed his close friend and another founder larger than life steve jobs is not replaceable. i think everyone believes that. the question is is the company
to it. we have gary smith, tracy burns, jonah, john layfield along with steve murphy. thank you. so, john, should d.c. be heeding these retailers' warnings? >> of course they should be. there's plenty of time since they're all on vacation right now to look at the news. the presidents that have done best lowering taxes have spurred the onomy. look at president coolidge, rornld reagan spurred the economy, when he lowered them, he later raised them, but to get the economy going, he lowered taxes. walmart said they're hurt by lower income sales. a 2% payroll tax increase, the payroll tax cut was put in place. it hurts lower income. if you're in the upper middle class, if you're higher, it doesn't affect you at all. with high gas prices, lowest labor partipation rate since the 1980s and the economy stagnant, it hurts consumers significantly, yes. >> it's not just lower economy because we saw macy's, nordstroms, they have to fire their piano player or something, th is really hitting everyone. >> it's simple, right? you tax me more, there's less money in my paycheck. that's the bottom line
. what do they mean? >>> the biopick about steve jobs is out. why are they sparring over it? >>> is the blackberry dying? why the phone could be on its last legs. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt". let's get to what's happening out there. a developing news from a situation right now in egypt. it is critical. the muslim brotherhood protesters calling for a week of peaceful protests. an estimated 100 people were killed and over 1,000 arrested yesterday. but those numbers expected to rise. nbc news richard engel was on the front line in cairo's ramsey square. >> protesters are taking cover under this elevated highway. seem to be taking live fire from a police station just up the road. >> wounded were hoisted onto motorcycles and taken to clinics. some already looked dead. >> for more i'm joined by p.j. crowley, a fellow at the george washington university institute for tkhreupt seu and global communications. just your reaction to what we're seeing. the violence. look at the pictures that richard engel brought to us. people brought into morgues, de
tonight. i hate to say it, but we are -- [boos] we have had enough of steve king's intolerance. [applause] enough is enough. it is time to replace him in congress. he is running for reelection with one goal in mind. that is to do the longest- serving governor in the history of this country. he has ignored the needs of iowa's middle-class families. the governor has worked to push iowa onto the path of mediocrity. it is up to us to change i was course. iowa's course. [applause] candidates that are putting their campaigns together. regardless of who emerges, we have a responsibility to ensure that they will have a strong infrastructure ready to plug into. we need to give our democratic governor and democratic legislature. for far too long, you have lived -- they have held on by the slimmest of margins. good job done a holding the job from the far right extremism. give them for us to some help by electing more democrats to the senate and putting them back in the majority of the house so that sharon and tom can have new friends in the house. we also desperately need a new secretary of state. [
. >> but that's not cheap. the median price is more than $600. and for those like steve who has a hart condition, that kind of care has big conditions. >> it kind of works out good for a guy like me in the event of an emergency, but it doesn't do anything as far as i know as far health care. ♪ >> in what may be a sign of just how few choices there are in the delta, the army is being deployed to help fill the gap. >> steve is turning to soldiers >> what can i do for you? >> well, i don't have any money for insurance. >> medics back from iraq and afghanistan are here providing free medical, and dental screenings. this band aid approach is likely a temporary fix. a more permanent solution is attracting more doctors and nurses to the area. >> mississippi is an economically depressed state. we're the 50th worst in obesity, and the 50th worst in infant mortality, and it's hard to attract a young, highly educated professional move to a rural and underserved area of a state with significant health care issues. >> sister ann brooks knows firsthand about the difficulty of attracting doctors here. >> if
. >> i think he might be the happiest guy ever, steve. >> yeah. >>> you're looking at an altercation captured on camera between police and this man in the striped shirt. police close in and you will hear the unmistakable sound of a taser. >> this is all going down in victoria, british columbia, in canada. this man is still struggling. he gets up. this taser had no affect on him. keep watching because both officers deploy their tasers at once. >> oh. >> oh, boy. >> you see the man hit the ground pretty hard. now, according to reports he was taken to the hospital with lacerations to his face as a result of this fall. you might be wondering why were police after this guy in the first place? according to reports it turns out this man had threatened a group of people with a knife. police say that that incident was caught on surveillance camera and that's why they found this man. witnesses say that's the knife in his hand and that he drops that knife on the ground. after he was treated for his injury, he was taken into custody and maces mumt tall charges including assault with a weapon. >>
it would be on an iphone. playing steve jobs in his latest film "jobs." that poster i thought that was steve jobs. like that is so uncanny. what was the hardest thing about taking on this role? >> the hardest thing for me to do was to understand who the guy was and understand why he made the choices he made. >> ashton not forgetting about his day job. his "two and a half men" boss rushing past photos in the theater. the show undergoing changes. how will she shake things up? >> she's incredible. i have been working with her. beyond excited. >> what about the name? >> no, i don't believe they are. i am the half a man. just everybody get used to that. >> earlier this week ashton honored with the ultimate choice surf board at the teen choice awards. how do you think you would have handled the scrutiny that a lot of young hollywood stars do today when you were first starting out? >> if you're an old hollywood star or new hollywood star, you don't need to get absorbed. if you believe the good people say you have to believe the bad stuff and maybe you should shut off google alert. fr
boost to tourism. but first....a legend comes to life on the big screen. will the bio pic of steve jobs live up to expectations? stay with us for movies and money, next. th a deadly disease. i was one of them. i'm a nurse and i knew how damaging the disease was to my life. nothing i tried seemed to work. my brother died. from complications of the exact same preventable disease and i knew i had to do something to get healthy. my disease was obesity and after consulting with my doctor, i received the effective treatment i needed. obesity is a second leading cause of preventable death in the united states. but it's a treatable disease, and there's effective treatment options available. now is time to get help. please join the obesity action coalition and acknowledge obesity as a disease for acceptance, for access to all effective treatments, including diet and exercise, pharmacotherapy and weight-loss surgery for obese adults with at least one obesity related comorbid condition. visit obesity action dot org and sign an open letter pledging your support and for more information about how t
that 15,000 level. let's go to steve sedgwick in london. good morning. >> very good day to you. the market down as you say for six successive days. people are citing concerns over the federal reserve policy and question marg marks about when start withdrawing the stimulus. and fed officials from the july 31 meeting or the minutes from that meeting came out yesterday and people said it was concern over the opacity, the lack of clarity about the withdrawal of the stimulus that kept the selling pressure on. i would add the volumes are very lilt and a lot of traders are still not back at their desks from their vacations. elsewhere, the cost of obamacare, the affordable care act, being cited by united parcel services as one of the reasons why they are withdrawing health care benefits from 15,000 spouses of employees. they're saying that in addition to raiising medical costs are t reason why they're having to take away that care. so real pressure on the company and the benefits they can ask on the back of obamacare. >> health care is expensive. there is a coalition of groups that want a nationw
, the new steve jobs biopic is out in theaters tonight. the critics are not so hot on it. we'll ask one of steve job's closest friends what he thinks of the film and both sides of a debate who claim that he has on their side. and suntrust raised a target to 54 from 44 and a buy on the stock. nicole? . nicole: it was looking like game stop was going to have an up arrow. quickly, i don't know whether it's ticked up for a second, but it's already in negative territory. 928, 30, don't know whether people quickly sold it off. game stop was put on death watch, but year to date up 90%. charles: and chelsea group said it was a $58 stock because of the new console so they're bucking our trend. by the i with a, blackberry, the ceo is in for 55 million dollar pay day if they can sell the company and nicole, something of an incentive to sell the company. how are the shares? >> 10.88. it's down 3/4 of 1%. and it stands to make 55.6 million dollars if the company is sold and he is out. so, that's one interesting aspect. it's interesting, remember, he's had no interest in selling the company and sudde
interviews mogul larry ellison about his late friend steve jobs and apple's future. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." >>> the weight loss industry focuses on women for good reason. they account for 85% of the market. but there is a new push for diet plans tailored for men, for you, jeff. we'll take a look coming up. >> i never had breakfast this morning. does that count at all? >> i guess it does. it's reduction of calories. >> absolutely. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." >>> summer vacation is almost over and kids are already back in class in some parts of the country. that is good news for parents concerned about the summer slide in learning. >> but a program here in new york is aimed at plugging the brain drain as adriana diaz report. >> reporter: these 8-year-olds are spending their summer closing the achievement gap. >> we're going to learn more so that when we come back to school, we know the answers. >> reporter: jayden francois is a student at horizon's national. a summer enrichment program fighting what's called the summer slide.
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